Family Law

The family law attorneys and staff of Curran Law Firm understand the emotionally and financially challenging situations that people can face when contemplating a divorce, a legal separation, or other family law matter.

We take a very personal approach to handling family law cases. For each client, we ascertain the legal issues involved, offer options for resolving the case, provide opinions about a likely range of results, and work closely with our client towards an equitable solution. We are strong proponents of alternative dispute resolution and, whenever possible, encourage our clients to amicably resolve their disputes. However, all of our family law attorneys have extensive courtroom experience and are able to aggressively pursue our client's interests should litigation become necessary. Family law matters often involve other legal issues. Because our firm offers a full range of legal services, clients can draw upon our diverse expertise available from our real estate, business, and estate planning departments.

Our family law attorneys handle a wide variety of matters such as:

  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Legal Separation
  • Committed Intimate Relationships
  • Child Support Modifications and Adjustments
  • Parenting Plan Modifications
  • Relocation Actions
  • Paternity/Parentage Issues
  • Mediations/Arbitrations
  • Same-Sex Couples

Theresa Ahern provides mediation services for Family Law matters. Her fee is $280 per hour. An advanced fee deposit is required, depending on the amount of time reserved for mediation and one hour of preparation. The deposit and materials to be considered for the mediation should be provided two days prior to the scheduled mediation date. The materials should include a statement of the issues, the financial and income documents for each party and a Financial Declaration from each party if child support, spousal maintenance and/or attorney fees are at issue. Additional fees, if any, may be charged if the mediation exceeds the scheduled amount of time and shall be due from the parties at the end of the mediation session. Normally, the parties will equally divide the cost of the mediation unless otherwise agreed prior to the mediation. Our firm has ample space to accommodate the mediation.

To set up a mediation, please contact Cheryl Rohde at 253.852.2345 or recep@curranfirm.com