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Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property

The ownership and dissemination of intellectual property are crucial to the function of the modern economy.

Private individuals and businesses rely on establishing and protecting their intellectual property rights as a means to commercialize and effectively distribute their trademarks, copyrighted works, and other intangible assets.

Our firm focuses on practical solutions to help you or your business to protect your intellectual property rights, including licensing, franchising, enforcement, acquisitions and sales. Particularly, our firm’s intellectual property services include:


Searching, registering, and protecting trademarks that are used either in print or online, including the registration and acquisition of domain names.


Registering copyrightable material (i.e., audio, video, software), including a practical and collaborative approach to evaluating infringement matters and the fair use of copyrighted works.


In today’s business market, nearly every business transaction involves the transfer of intellectual property. We will assist you to navigate the acquisition or sale of these valuable assets to ensure the appropriate designation for future ownership and downstream distribution.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The ever-changing landscape of intellectual property, online interactions, and instantaneous impact of intellectual property disputes necessitates sound and practical advice. Our team will guide you through an appropriate dispute resolution strategy and pursue litigation to protect your intellectual property rights from being infringed upon or diluted.

Many of these services are offered in conjunction with our experienced Business team.