The attorneys at Curran Law Firm are problem solvers, skilled in the art of advocacy and dispute resolution.

Each of our practice areas involves litigation of some sort at some time.

We have successfully represented clients in all levels of state and federal courts, from municipal to appellate. Most of our practice is before the King County Superior Court, but we regularly appear in courts throughout the other counties in Washington. We also represent many clients that have disputes heard in administrative proceedings, including hearings before boards, commissions, and examiners.

We are strong believers in alternative dispute resolution. The cost of litigation is significant and the process can take a long time. Arbitration and mediation are excellent methods of achieving a satisfactory result sooner and for less money.

Our experience in litigation also helps our clients stay out of litigation. The best way to win at litigation is to not get there in the first place. Proper drafting and negotiation with the potential of litigation in mind can help avoid costly disputes in the future. However, when a client needs a litigator, we are there.